Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Coffee Shop Platform...Or How the Republicans cheated America...

“The Republican Party owes the United States, nay the world a huge apology for the last 12 years they spent ruling congress…”

Former Republican Committeeman

For half of a century the Republican Party was forced to look into the “dance” like a small poverty ridden child stares at candy through a glass. Then came 1994 and in a world wind of turmoil the tides changed, the seas parted allowing the Republicans to control both houses in congress.

The dream of two GOP generations had been realized. Finally they could rewrite the mistakes left behind from five decades of liberal leadership. Finally, what ifs and if onlys were transformed into we wills.

So what happened? Let’s review.

After almost 50 years the Republicans at first seemed too timid to move. This allowed Democrats to continue acting as if they had the majority, and the GOP revolution’s progress slowed to a crawl.

The American public failed to take note and the 2000 election brought pandemonium with Republicans controlling Congress, and the White House. Oh yes, the dream could finally be realized.

And then they seemingly forgot…

They must have! How else can you explain a party allowing the scandals brought forth by their leadership? They forgot why they were sent to Washington. Don’t get me wrong, grassroots Republicans knew exactly what they wanted. However not every Republican in Washington got the memo.

Republicans were sent to D.C. in herds because the Democratic Party had lost touch with heart land. Common sense in our nation’s capitol was harder to find than beer at a Southern Baptist Convention. The nation’s problems had been solved years before in every coffee shop and around most kitchen tables in America, and for 50 years the Democratic Party had been listening to the message less and less.

America was convinced in 1994, and again in 2000 and 2004 that the Republicans heard their cries and understood. But, it seems we were mistaken. Sadly the simplest of truths, logic on the most basic level escaped our leadership. The situation was only worsened as the public slowly realized solutions to our Nation’s problems were closer to being solved at the local watering hole than in Washington. And thus,….

The Coffee Shop Platform or (What America wanted the Republicans to hear)

-Abortion, we don’t love it, but we can understand why it could be legal in three instances; rape, incest or the mother’s life is in danger.

-Taxes, we love the tax cuts. But, spending must also be cut.

-War, do not tread on us. God pity the man (nation) that takes an American’s life. We will send justice quickly, efficiently and without forethought. We don’t crave a fight, but if provoked we will win, and win quickly by any means necessary.

-Jobs, protect our jobs. Thank you, for the tax breaks, freeing up additional monies for investments has been wonderful. Now could you do something about the companies moving every manufacturing job in America to a third world nation?

-No child left behind, never going to happen. After all some people choose to ride the “short bus” through life and by doing so must pay the price of the ride.

-Ethics, we might forgive a misjudgment or two. But, if you knowingly allow criminal activity and thugs to exist within your mist, you have got to go.

And go they went.

If only the Washington D.C. Republicans had listened to the talk in America’s kitchens they would have known….

America has the might to crush a country such as Iraq in a matter of days, if not hours. We have spent millions in tax dollars creating weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and yet we are fighting a ground war losing a man on average every few hours. The Coffee Shop Platform’s approach is simple: Nuke Iraq. Remember, Daddy did not spank you every day. However, the memory or lesson learned when it did happen resonated for a lifetime. And the world today needs to see America spank somebody.

We want worthless government spending and redundant programs eliminated. For instance, America offers 13 years of free education, and thus an opportunity to improve your plight in life. If you choose to use those 13 years wisely, college lays beyond. If not, life on the government Doyle will not be guaranteed, and rarely present for those whom fail due to laziness.

Second chances exist; GED programs are free across this nation. Those programs include college scholarships for outstanding students or student loans deferring payments until after graduation.

With the Nation’s education and tax issues resolved we can quickly turn our attention to abortion. Our Catholic friends want it completely abolished. However, in the spirit of bipartisan politics we are willing to allow it to exist only in the previous mention cases; rape, incest or if the mother truly will not survive the pregnancy. Even then we will pray for those that become baby killers.

We believe in God! We might not wear our religion on our sleeves, and we do not live without sin, however, we know our belief in God is not something to be ashamed to proclaim.

We will not force you to live a Christian life, but we know your fate if you don’t. Turning away from God is a personal decision; much like turning away from education the results follow you forever. You can deny our beliefs, you can deny God. You cannot deny his judgment.

So, how did the Republicans cheat America?

They failed to act, and by not living up to their potential. They chose to trust polling data apposed to their moral compass. They knew “Right” from “Left,” sadly they failed to recognize “Right” from “Wrong!”


At November 12, 2006 6:23 AM, Blogger Seven Star Hand said...

Good post Diego,

Glad to see the cogitations in progress. Now to take the thought process a step further and move outside of the box created for humanity by deceptive leaders throughout the ages.

I want you to notice that my birthday was August 11th, the day of Mr. Allen's "Macaca" gaffe. His defeat, and those like him, was an apt present for me. (Check my photo in my Ebook...)

Now comes the truly important work of preventing the last six years from ever happening again. As long as people cling to money, religion, and politics, these seemingly never-ending cycles of evil scoundrels, war, great struggles, and repeated injustices will never end.

The time has indeed arrived for a new dawn!

Did it ever dawn on you that money, religion, and politics are the prime sources of human struggle (aka mammon...) and continuing to beat a dead horse (or donkey, or elephant) will never solve humanity's seemingly never-ending struggles? One good lesson to take from this election is that politics is a cycle that will always produce greedy scoundrels who must later be defeated or else. Why beat your heads against the same old wall when the door has been sighted and waiting for you to open your eyes and "see the light?" Truth, Wisdom, and Justice are non-political, non-religious, and non-monetary.

Here is Wisdom !!


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