Saturday, October 07, 2006

This involves more than just Republicans...

"If the House ethics committee finds evidence of a Republican cover-up, many people could be in jeopardy, facing consequences that range from a mild rebuke in a committee report to a House vote of censure or expulsion."

This quote was taken from the following Story and my thinking about this is, why does this only have to be about Republicans? This is just as much about the Democrats who knew about this as it is about the Republicans, but this is another attempt to paint a different picture to the American society just weeks before the mid-term November Elections.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Talent on loan from God...

“Liberals can’t afford to have history accurately recorded and interpreted, because it would constitute a total repudiation of everything they have stood for. Instead of admitting that they choose the easier route of distorting facts, an art they could easily have learned from their bedfellow, _____________.”

This was a quote I found from a book I am reading and I must say that the words written over fourteen years ago have just as much meaning today as they did back then. In all reality you can fill in the blank with whatever name you prefer such as Hugo Chavez, John Kerry, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, and the list goes on and on. The real name that completes this quote is Mikhail Gorbachev and this was taken from Rush Limbaugh’s book, “The Way Things Ought to Be” written in 1992. Thus proving that history repeats itself (especially with the Democratic Party) again and again and to think he did this with ½ his brain tied behind his back just to make it fair.

Do this for the World...

Ramsey Clark, a former US attorney general (1967-69) who is one of Saddam Hussein’s lawyers, has said that any death sentence against the former Iraqi president would increase violence in the strife-torn country.

He was quoted as saying, “It seems clear that a guilty verdict will set off catastrophic violence...It’s hard to know how many Iraqis, dozens, hundreds, thousands, will die because of the sentence…”

If Hussein is found guilty and sentenced to death, the Iraqi law states he should be executed within 30 days. This is unbelievable that a former US attorney general is defending a horrible dictator such as Saddam Hussein. Damn right many Iraqis will die, but will the Democrats blame it on Bush and the War in Iraq or will they blame it on the death sentence handed to Hussein? Yet again Liberals are manipulating and attempting to destroy the thinking of Americans as well as citizens of the World.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

'Political Corruption 101'...

The Mark Foley email/IM sex scandal is quickly unraveling for the Democratic Party since Brian Ross of ABC surfaced the emails to the Nation and to the World. Examining the fallacies originally reported, let’s set this straight:

  • The lurid AOL Instant Messenger, Jordan Edmund, was 18 years old at the time (that debunks the idea of the page being 16-17 years old)
  • Two people close to Edmund have admitted the messages were part of an online prank that went awry
  • Those involved in the scandal are now fearful that their political careers will be affected if they are publicly brought into the investigation (Explains why Edmund now wants Stephen Jones (former Timothy McVeigh attorney) to represent himself.
  • Brian Ross claims he was too busy to report the emails due to the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and September 11th.
We, as a nation, were painted a picture by the Liberal media of Foley being a sick, twisted, no good child molester, taking advantage of young adults with the power he possessed with his political held office. Now granted, I do not condone the actions of Foley and I, like many others, am glad to see the resignation of Foley. However, the page was of legal consenting age and not the poor, innocent child that we were blatantly led to believe and now two people close to Edmund have admitted the messages were online pranks that went awry.

To think these individuals involved are fearful of their political careers potentially being affected is absurd. Guess what, their careers are over, now non-existent, put a fork in them because they are done. To think that a kid (18 years old) has truly messed the rest of their life up holds so much truth. Maybe Democrats will realize that what a kid does at an early age really does dictate how the rest of their life will turn out (i.e. doing well in school, doing drugs, etc. or in this case a prank that will forever tarnish the image of those involved from Foley to the pranksters.)

Also we have ABC’s Brian Ross who was just too busy to report the messages because of coverage he was doing for the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the five year anniversary of 9/11. Bull Shit. I call it, B.S. This is merely ‘Politics 101’ by the Democratic Party and let’s look at the time line of this Liberal propaganda:

  • Valerie Plame July
  • Downfall of the Bush Administration with Hurricane Katrina August
  • Politicizing of 9/11 by President Bush September
  • Lowering of gas prices by the Republican Party to gain votes September
  • Jeanine Pirro September
  • Mark Foley September

Fortunately for Americans this is backfiring on the corrupt Democratic Party.

Poll results...

Poll Results from the previous week for "Would you give your support via Vote for Hillary Clinton, if she ran in the 2008 Presidential Election?"

Yes- She's already been in control for 8 years in the White House. (1 Vote) 4.5%
No- The U.S. cannot handle the Clintons back in office again. (20 Votes) 91%
Maybe- Depends who else is running. (1 Vote) 4.5%

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Monday, October 02, 2006

That's going to leave a Mark...

The announcement of Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL) resignation over scandalous e-mail and text messages has dealt the Republican Party a huge and possible devastating blow just a few short weeks before the upcoming November mid-term elections.

Foley was considered the favorite to win the November 7th Election until e-mails surfaced a few days ago pertaining to e-mail and instant messages sent by Foley to male pages. The latest word on Foley today is that the Congressman has checked himself into a rehabilitation center to help fight alcoholism.

To make matters worse, apparently the GOP have known about this e-mail sex scandal since 2005 and have done nothing to bring attention to the unethical behavior of Foley. This does not look good for the Republican Party as this can be a huge turnaround for the Democratic Party and their bid for winning back the House and the Senate.

The media a long with Democrats have been pushing topics such as the war in Iraq, Bush lying about the war efforts, decreasing of gasoline prices controlled by the Republican Party, etc. in an attempt to tarnish the public image of the Republican Party, however, this may do more harm than any of the conspiracy tactics used previously.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Don't Eat the Meat...devour it!

I met up with an old class mate from high school (class of 1997) and must say that I lost a lot of respect that I had had at one point in time for the person. The class President, the one voted most popular, most likely to succeed and most likely to become President of the U.S. had settled into a career post college with the group PETA. This acronym stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, you might know them, they’re the ones who think we humans are bad because we grow animals for food.

Like I said, lost a lot of respect for my childhood friend as we discussed the past to the present, but mainly PETA man wanted to talk about the unfair treatment of animals. I could not figure out how the person who was deemed to be so successful ten years prior could be the same person representing cockroaches against Six Flags today.
The one point I tried explaining to Mr. PETA and he tried refuting was the concept that Humans are the most dominant being on Earth and there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating meat. Why should we feel bad for living in a country that strives so well and is able to have many farmers who supply our country with meat? Though, I am interested in starting a new type of PETA- People Enjoying Tasty Animals, any takers?

Global Warming & the Environmentalist Wackos...

Global Warming is an interesting Political topic between Democrats and Republicans. From research Conservative-Majority conducted, this topic really became big in 1983 with politics as Democrats become consciously aware of our Environment. This intrigued me to take a look at a time line of events pertaining to Global Warming and what I found is the above statement to be false.

In fact Global Warming according to the timelines that we found were topics of interests to the American society in what appears to be Election years (1960, 1968, 1972, 1976, 1988, 1992, 2000, 2004). Take a look, yes the times are in Election years, but most importantly they are in Presidential Election years.

Environmentalists try to paint a picture of the Republican Party members hating Mother Earth while Democrats are the loving, caring type to our environment. There was a time period that we were warned that Global Warming was increasing the ice caps and now we are told that Global Warming is decreasing these ice caps and my question is which one is it?

Since the 1960’s, Democrats and wacko Environmentalists have been warning Americans and the world that in a decade Mother Earth will succumb to the evil works of Humans. Why that is a very egotistical statement to make! The latest kook statement is from Al Gore, in which he claims cigarette smoking is a “significant contributor to Global Warming!” According to wacko kooks the end of the World as we know it is going to occur within the next decade, unfortunately they’ve been saying this since the 1960s. Is Global Warming a topic that should truly be brought up and taken seriously in Politics?