Saturday, September 30, 2006

Media creating Copy Cats

When a person turns on the local television news, opens the local paper, or browses through Internet news, this can be disheartening in this day and age that we live in with all the negativity that is reported by our media. I am tired of hearing the negative effects of the Republican Party and how wonderful, neat and terrific the Democratic Party is. I wonder why we do not hear about the good that happens in our society such as one of the St. Louis Boy Scout groups having four young men achieve their Eagle Scout award. We are shielded by the media from the good that truly happens in our societies whether you live in St. Louis, Missouri, Billings, Wyoming, or even New Orleans, Louisiana.

The media publicizes this negativity and gives recognition to this evil only fueling the fire. Look at the man in Colorado who took the six females hostage, killing one before killing himself. Then Friday there was news of a Principal being shot and killed by a student in Wisconsin. The media publicity is continuously creating copy cats.

With that said, what is going to happen with the movie coming out portraying the assassination of President Bush? Logic tells me that there will be a copy cat and someone is going to attempt to kill our President. Democrats refuted the docudrama "Path to 9/11", but they are not refuting this movie. Why you ask? It is simple, I believe that deep down inside they want to get rid of President Bush because he has knocked the Democratic Party the hardest. He is the thorn in their side and when someone attempts the assassination of our President, not only should the person charged be held accountable but so should the Democratic Party for their part in allowing this movie to be played all across America.

Friday, September 29, 2006

A Democrat wanting to use the RELIGIOUS Golden RULE...and still cannot quote it right.

“This is a time when the Golden rule should be in effect. Do not unto others, what you would not have them do unto your troops, your CIA Agents, Your People in the field.” -Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

What the hell is that suppose to mean Ms. Pelosi? To think there is a freaking possibility she will be third in line to the President if she wins this coming November? These Democrats are not interested in protecting Americans, but their interests are in protecting the terrorists.

I am tired of the Democratic Party’s thinking that we are the ones who have made the terrorists upset. These same Liberal Kooks think President Bush started the war on America from Terrorists by retaliating against the actions of 9/11, but this is just not so. These terrorists have hated Americans for a while now, just look at the different attacks by al-Qaeda during the Clinton watch and all he wanted to do was send a couple of missiles at an ‘Aspirin’ factory five years after the initial attack (WTC bombing of 1993). Oh yeah, maybe he did that to take some attention off of him and the Lewinsky scandal.

Folks, the terror tribunals are about protecting us, the Americans, from the terrorists. The terrorists are our enemies, why do we need to be nice to them? For those who think if we leave them alone, they will leave us alone, you are an ignorant dumb ass. Their goal is to kill every American that does not convert, with the slogan being, “Convert or die” and these Democrats think we need to be nice. Fuck being nice.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Liberal Smear tactics...

Driving to and from work everyday I enjoy listening to talk radio as it is my time to unwind or get geared up for the work day ahead of, or behind, me. Listening on a regular basis I have heard many acclaims by the media and I opened this mornings’ ‘USA Today’ paper and noticed contradictions in what I am hearing and what is being printed throughout the Liberal Media outlets via the Internet and newsprints.

Reading articles from the ‘USA Today’, and browsing through and a reader would form the opinion of the following:

  • The Economy is tanking with each and every passing day while under the Bush Administration
  • Unemployment is on the rise as the decrease in Economy slows industries and businesses down to a staggering halt
  • Gas prices are dropping as a result of the Bush Administration and the GOP
  • Home sales are on the decline because we, the participants in the Economy, are disgusted at the Economic failures of President George W. Bush and his policies

Let’s take a look at what is actually happening around us in the U.S. and let’s try to digest this information together. First on my list is the fact that the Economy is not actually tanking but is thriving as is evidence with the Dow Jones settling in at record highs that have not been this close since January of 2000. I am not exactly sure where the media gets off on this blatantly false tangent that the Economy is slumping, of course though President Bush is mentioned so let’s chalk this one up to a Liberal writer wanting to smear the Bush Administration and the Republican Party.

Next on my list of debunking this crap is the talk about unemployment increasing and the effects this has on the seemingly ‘slumping’ Economy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, the unemployment rate is at 4.7% which is down from August (having a percentage of 4.8). Now folks do the math, these are not the staggering high numbers the media would want you to believe and in fact, the media never discloses the unemployment number they are speaking of. With that said, let’s chalk this one up to a Liberal writer wanting to, again, smear the Bush Administration and the Republican Party.

Are you beginning to see a pattern with where I am going? Pressing forward to the Gas prices, ‘USA Today’ conducted a gallup poll of 1000 participants and 42% of those polled see a direct correlation between the decrease in Gas and the Republican Party wanting to gain more votes this November. Well that blows my freshmen level ‘Economics 101’ class legitimacy out and maybe it is time for me to ask for an Educational refund from the University of Alabama. Here I thought the price of items was a direct influence of the supply and demand of the particular good(s). Just think that I proudly voted for George W. Bush, not once but twice, what was I thinking? I know he must have a ‘hotline’ where he picks up the phone and tells the person answering what the price of gas will be for that day. Hmmm, lucky 8 ball says $1.89. I hope you, the reader, can sense my sarcasm in this and maybe you too can realize that we need to chalk this one up to a Liberal writer wanting to smear the Bush Administration and the Republican Party.

The last topic that I noticed quick fallacies in was that home sales are dropping off and the market has become ‘cold’. That was one article and then the next article I clicked on had a completely different story all together. Let me debunk this for you- ‘New’ home sales are decreasing even though the mortgage rates have dropped tremendously lately but home sales have not dropped but have indeed picked up again. This completely contradicts the article which was written with an intent to sway public opinion that the Economy is shutting down and it is all Bush’s fault. This is not true though and I spoke with a member of the Home Builder’s Association and found out that expectant decreases in ‘New’ home sales occur every year about this time.

The big times to move are during the summer months when kids are out of school, that and no one wants to worry about buying a brand ‘New’ home just before the holiday season. It’s not because they are strapped on cash but because of inclement weather conditions which can possibly delay a house being built by adding up to four months past the original completion date. Again, let’s chalk this up to a Liberal writer wanting to smear the Bush Administration and the Republican Party.

Conservative-Majority readers- do not buy into this ploy of the Liberal Media whose obvious intent focuses primarily on destroying the public opinion of the Republican Party just five short weeks from the November 7th Elections. Oh yeah, don’t forget about President Bush as well. The closer we get to election time the more outrageous the stories will become. This is not the mastermind of a conspiracy in work, but the mastermind of an Administration which is finally reaping what they sowed, beginning back in 2001.

Story 1
Story 2
Story 3
Story 4
Labor Statistics

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Biach Say WHAT?!?!

Does anyone have any ‘Bitch-b-gone’ spray that Conservative-Majority can borrow? Hillary Rodham Clinton (or Hitlery Rotten Clinton as we like to call her) is defending her promiscuous hubby, Bill, with attacks on Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice over which president, Clinton or George W. Bush, missed more opportunities to help prevent the September 11th attack back in 2001.

Obviously this has broken out over the interview given by Bill Clinton to Fox News which aired on Sunday with Clinton making some outrageous comments about how obsessed he was in capturing Osama bin Laden and how this is a right wing conspiracy.

I do not want to get back onto the entire ‘I tried’ fiasco because we’ve already wrote about it, in fact Click Here to read it. But folks, do you realize this is all we will hear about if Hillary runs for the Democratic Presidential candidate in 2008 and actually wins? Bill will be back in the oval office yet again, using the coat tails of Hitlery to attempt to increase his legacy as a former President of the United States.

Results of the poll question asked...

Did the Clinton administration do everything in their power to stop al-Qaeda?

Yes- it's all Bush's fault 9%
No- it's all about Accountability 91%
Maybe- if he would have left that woman alone 0%

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I know he said the "N Word", I think...

My first day writing for this site and already I have a hot topic as a "professor says senator used racial slur" title rotates through my Fox News Ticker on my desktop. After further review of this eye popping article, let me critique the situation here.

Story Here

First things first- Dr. Larry J. Sabato (director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics) and Dr. Ken Shelton (a radiologist) are both white. How often does it occur that a white accuses another white of bigotry? My experience has been very seldom that this occurs unless there is some reward or motivation behind this.
There is motivation all right, it is political motivation against Senator George Allen who has been criticized for using a racial slur in the 1970's. Now depending exactly on what year this supposedly occurred, there is a chance I was not even thought of.

Let's look at the fallacies of this case shall we? Sabato who knows Allen used the "n-word" would not tell The Associated Press how he knew. Could it be possible that this well quoted political science professor is just trying to get back in the news? So, Sabato knows Allen used the derogatory word, but then he tells Chris Matthews on MSNBC that "he did not know whether it was true that Allen used the word frequently…" Sabato is taking a technique right out of the Democrat playbook, that being start a defamation comment and then later on negate the full extent of what you said. I wonder if he was pointing his finger while talking to Matthews.

The downfall of this is that Allen used the word "macaca" referring to an opponent’s campaign volunteer of Indian descent. Why did he not use the word "Sand Nigger" since he used the “n word” so many times in the 1970s? Or could it be that he never used the “n word” and this is a desperation ploy by Democrats to gain votes come November?

Maybe someone can answer the reason why it took so long for this information to be brought up, reminds me of a case in the 1990s with the time delay. Does Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill ring a bell? She waited almost ten years to report Thomas and we all know how that worked out for her.

Who I am...

I wanted to take the time to introduce to the Conservative Majority readers exactly who I am. I go by the name of ‘Maverick’, live in the greater St. Louis region, am an alumni of Washington University, and I am Black. If you ever pay attention to the media outlets, you would think I did not truly exist. Are you asking yourself yet why I would make that claim?

The answer is relatively simple, let me explain. I am a Black man who watches Fox News, I despise CNN, MSNBC, I question Black leaders not only in my society but throughout the United States and oh yeah, I support the Republican Party and stand behind President George W. Bush.

I am well educated with the ability to spell correctly, to formulate sentences which results into paragraphs. I do not speak Ebonics and I feel it is a shame for those who suffer from this ‘poor’ speaking ‘language’.

I personally contacted Diego because I want to inform the public through the eyes, the thoughts and the words of a Black man. I am not African-American, but a proud American of the United States of America. Forget my ancestry if you will because it does not play an integral part of my everyday life.

I do not care if I offend someone with the words that I write, I am not here for friends, popularity contests, etc. If you choose to rebut the words and messages that I write, back it up. This will save time for the writer and those of us reading the crap.

I do not play the race card because life is full of obstacles. Seemingly Liberals want to restrain me, hold me back from the advantages offered in this great society that we live in and in all reality they make me stronger to persevere and achieve greater excellence beyond their realm of thinking.

I look forward to this opportunity and thank you Conservative Majority readers.

##AP announced today the Democratic Slogan for the Presidential campaign of 2008, “Ask Us no questions, we’ll tell you no lies.”##

Welcome aboard...

Conservative-Majority would like to take the time to announce the new addition to our team, Maverick. He and I go way back to my early, early college days and we look forward to having him on board to give us his insight.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I can already hear it now....

The Conspiracies are being created with various stories being aligned. What could cause this? Well none other than gas prices being at a third straight two week drop. The national average gas prices are as follows

  • Regular $2.42 (previously $2.65)
  • Mid-Grade $2.53
  • Premium $2.64
  • Lowest Average price survey was in Des Moines, Iowa with the average regular price at $2.07/gallon.
  • Highest Average price survey was in Honolulu, Hawaii with the average regular price at $3.03/gallon.

Obviously this must be the works of the evil GOP, or you would think that from the various blog sites, interviews from CNN, MSNBC conducted by Liberals throughout the U.S. blaming the Republican Party.

I actually had an encounter earlier on a blog site (before I had completed this post) on how the Republican Party is conspiring against the Left by lowering the price of gas. Question: When will they (the Left) stop setting the stage for their defeats come November?

Since September 1st, I have seen or read about the Republican Party doing the following:

  • Politicizing 9/11 to gain votes (Stupid conspiracies trying to place blame on the U.S. Government though history tells me terrorists picked September 11th, not the GOP)
  • Lowering gas prices (Economics class taught me in 2003 that supply and demand affect the price, not the GOP)
  • IF (and it is a big if) Osama bin Laden is dead, this is a ploy by the GOP to gain more votes (Why not be excited an evil man is deceased?)

I will be glad when the days come that the Left can have some balls, be ‘Men’ so to speak and admit when they have been defeated instead of making excuse after excuse as to why they lost. Of course though, I would truly love to hear these excuses, both new and old, come November because obviously that would mean they (Democrats) were not as successful as they said they would be.