Saturday, August 05, 2006

The leeches created by Hurricane Katrina!

I just read on the Internet about a Hurricane Katrina evacuee who is getting the boot after living in a 3 Bedroom 2 story house rent-free for almost a year. According to the article, the 23 year old mother of 3, Keisha Moran, had been assisted in every way possible by members of the Church.

Moran had appeared upon the "Oprah Winfrey Show" to speak about the devastation brought on by Hurricane Katrina. At the time of the show, she had been living in a tent in Mississippi and the church decided to open their arms to the family.

During the year she grew more and more dependent upon them, in which she had a clerical job that she ended up quitting because her boss lost his job. She later turned down several other job opportunities and decided to stay at home to take care of her children.

Now, I wonder how many more stories are out there about people such as Moran. Personally, I experienced helping and working with Hurricane Katrina victims from the 30th of August until the end of May 2006. Do not get me wrong, many people that I met and befriended were extremely grateful but there were other cases that I felt as if the evacuues felt as if everyone owed them something because of the devastation.

I realize that it must be very disheartening to lose everything, but I would like to think that I would have enough self-dignity to be able to pick myself and my family back up. I can think of one family in particular that the husband and the wife turned down job after job because none of the jobs they qualified for, were what they wanted to do. How pathetic? But they knew that they did not have to get a job because the local churches would provide for them. $3000 per month is what they received for assistance and not one of them truly wanted to better themselves. A year since the aftermath has almost gone by and it is time for these people to move on and start living life again. I just hope they do not depend upon people, government support, etc. for the rest of their life. Hopefully they will want to provide for themselves. Goes back to the entire, put your hand-up instead of your hand out.

I think Hurricane Katrina was a tragedy for the destruction it caused, but also for the Government Program leeches it created. These people, though not all, will feel as if they are owed something from here on out.

Obviously, New Orleans will never be the same or atleast not in my lifetime. It's amazing how the crime rates are starting to pick back up in New Orleans and the surrounding Parishes. I understand now why cities such as Houston, Texas were outraged with all the evacuues staying there. I saw stats the other day that suggested 59% of the crimes being committed are of people formerly living in the New Orleans and surrounding area. Who would've thought that?

In my opinion, people talk and joke about FEMA, but what about the people using Churches and their members for support? What is worse? Abuse the FEMA funds or abuse those people providing funds for support?

Friday, August 04, 2006

Will the REAL John Murtha Please Stand up...Please STAND UP!


I would like to introduce to you, John Murtha, a Democrat from Pennsylvania who has just embarked on a new tour of America. Can we have a round of applause please? Maybe you did not hear me; can we PLEASE have a round of applause?

Okay, okay...I understand where you are coming from. Alright, so let’s meet the REAL John Murtha. In case you are unaware, Murtha has decided to suspend his race to become the Majority Leader in the event that the Democrats actually capture the house this fall. This “suspension” was brought on so he could do a 41 race “Cut-And-Run” tour of the United States. For Murtha this will result in a 100% increase from what he did tour wise in 2004. Two years ago, he did absolutely zero campaigns for House candidates.

Now, let’s go to the area of Murtha in which he has fluctuated his ideas in the recent past. First, Murtha supported the use of force against Saddam Hussein in 1991 AND 2002, then in 2005, Murtha called for an “immediate redeployment” of our troops to get out of Iraq. He was quoted as saying, “I believe before the Iraqi elections, scheduled for mid-December, the Iraqi people and the emerging government must be put on notice. The United States will immediately redeploy” (CNN’s “Live Event,” 17 Nov 2005).

Now, let’s flash forward to just in the last two months with Murtha declaring, “We can’t win this, we are causing the problem” (Congressional Record, 15 Jun 2006). Does this not seem like an issue to the American people? The derogatory comments, such pessimism towards our actions in the Middle East and we want him to help lead us? What is this society that we live in, coming too?

On CNN, Murtha later commented that he was not sure that the American troops actually made a difference in the death of Zarqawi, stating he was not sure, “they[Military] couldn’t have done it from outside”. How freaking pathetic? That’s what I have a hard time understanding, everyone is demeaning the decisions made by the Bush administration and then still try to demean the administration even after a huge impact is made that greatly favors the decision of Dubya and his crew. What happened to fully supporting our Commander-In-Chief? Of course, I think that went down the drain after the Clinton years.

The latest news on Murtha involves the Democrat defaming Marine Corps Staff sergeant, Frank D. Wuterich, who led the Marine squad accused of killing two dozen civilians in Haditha, Iraq, stating, “the Marine unit cracked after a roadside bomb killed one of its members and that the troops killed innocent civilians in cold blood”.

The suit could have a very interesting legal ramification due to the fact that Wuterich nor the other members of his squad have not been charged and have not received any official investigative documentation about the 19 November incident.

I personally think that Murtha has seen better days and I hope like hell the American people are smart enough not to believe this hog slop he is feeding everyone. Here’s to Diana Irey for the upcoming election. In fact, if you want to help her out, you can make donations or volunteer to help her campaign at

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nifty, Nifty...LOOK what's FIFTY!

Today was the first day back to school for many in my area and it made me think about how much our society has changed. Primarily our school system was the first thought to creep into my mind as I was driving to work this morning, noticing all of the children standing in line waiting on that big yellow bus to carry them away to an Institute of Higher Liberal learning.

Seeing these children, ages 6-13 years old, made me reminisce to the days of old. I remember being giddy the night before school started, being unable to sleep, or even count sheep because the sheep were just as excited as I was. Going into school on that first day was so exhilarating, seeing friends that you had not seen in what seemed like for years, but was only really a couple of months. And then that first bell would rang and we would assemble together in our classes, stand by our pre-determined desk and gaze at the most beautiful object ever. The American Flag. Then all in unisons we would recite the "Pledge of Allegiance".

Great memories, but unfortunately my children nor yours will ever have the joys that we had growing up. Being an American was something to be proud of and now our children are taught that we are the big, bad bully. They have taken the words "under God" out of our schools and this made me think about the motto that is on our paper currency, "In God We Trust" and in fact, recently President George W. Bush gave a speech pertaining to this topic and how this motto celebrated its 50th year of being in existence.

I hope you enjoy the speech.

On the 50th anniversary of our national motto, "In God We Trust," we reflect on these words that guide millions of Americans, recognize the blessings of the Creator, and offer our thanks for His great gift of liberty.

From its earliest days, the United States has been a Nation of faith. During the War of 1812, as the morning light revealed that the battle-torn American flag still flew above Fort McHenry, Francis Scott Key penned, "And this be our motto: 'In God is our trust!'" His poem became our National Anthem, reminding generations of Americans to "Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation." On July 30, 1956, President Dwight Eisenhower signed the law officially establishing "In God We Trust" as our national motto.

Today, our country stands strong as a beacon of religious freedom. Our citizens, whatever their faith or background, worship freely and millions answer the universal call to love their neighbor and serve a cause greater than self.

As we commemorate the 50th anniversary of our national motto and remember with thanksgiving God's mercies throughout our history, we recognize a divine plan that stands above all human plans and continue to seek His will.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim July 30, 2006, as the 50th Anniversary of our National Motto, "In God We Trust." I call upon the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-seventh day of July, in the year of our Lord two thousand six, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-first.

Hopefully "In God We Trust will be around for another 50 years minimum, that is, as long as the Liberals do not have their way. It is a shame that our children are being guided by a misled group of our society. It is becoming known more and more each day that Conservatives are the silent majority, and Educators of our school systems are corrupting the young minds because they (Educators) typically have the Liberal mindset.

We live in a day and age that the School Administration picks and chooses the learning topics for our youth, for our children. Sadly enough the topics chosen are of a Liberal-bias and each and every pupil is being spoon-fed this misinformation in textbooks, magazines and even school newspapers. Before you go asking stupid questions though, In God We Trust, does deal with the aspect of a higher authority, a God. Except Liberals want to make the argument that we do not need to mention this word because it could offend someone. What about our children being taught about Allah in history and diversity classes, but no mention about Jesus Christ? When I read or hear, In God We Trust, it makes me proud to be an American and it brings back memories of being in that rural classroom PROUDLY saying, "One Nation Under GOD". To me, this country was based upon one God, the Alpha and Omega. Except Liberals do not want to remember this aspect of our History.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

¡Viva Cuba!

Cuban President Fidel Castro is "alive and very alert" after undergoing surgery and ceding power to his brother, Raul.

The older Castro, 79, has not been seen in public since his ailment was announced and that he was temporarily relinquishing power to his brother, who is currently the defense chief.

According to the article on, Castro has been forced to have a period of rest after he underwent a complicated surgery to repair internal bleeding. With Castro's absence from the public eye, this has fueled speculation that he might be deathly ill, if not already dead.

With the relinquishing of power to comrades, many analysts say these events suggests the communist government is preparing for its transition strategy, possibly as a confidence-builder for Raul Castro. People in Cuba are very familar with Raul, but according to reports he is not seen as charsimatic as his elder brother.

Cuban-Americans in Miami, Florida have been going wild and crazy at the thought of the death of Fidel Castro. Many of these Cuban-Americans still have family living under the dictatorship and see his death as a potential advantage to get family members over to the U.S.

The questions remain though, what will Cuba be like post-Fidel Castro and how much money the U.S. will have to pump into the country for "relief efforts".

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Michael Moore announces new documentary on Bush!

It has been announced that Michael Moore has started filming his new documentary about President number 43, George W. Bush and his recent health checkup in which he has gotten a little heavier according to reports on the AP. The image to your "Right" was taken in 2001 just after Dubya took office. The picture below was just released to the public by Moore after he started his documentary of Bush going to the Doctor.

***Picture below is of George W. Bush at 8:30AM EST 1 Aug 06

This is Dubya's picture taken shortly before the Doctor came in for Bush's checkup according to the picture documentation submitted by Michael Moore.

Now, wait a minute...I knew that Moore does his own editing, but could that be an old pic of Moore with Bush's head pasted on? NAAAHHHH.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Moore lies to himself again

Michael Moore is in the news for saying that he gets lots of Republican hugs, saying that he is approached all the time by conservatives ready to make peace with him. "If you were to hang out with me here it won't be five or ten minutes before you see a Republican hug me. That is almost as entertaining as some of the films".

I have a hard time fathoming how Anti-American a person could be, but when I wonder what this description would consist of, I think none other than Mikey Moore. According to the article I read, found at, Moore has not budged from the central claim of his 2004 "documentary" Fahrenheit 9/11 - that the Bush administration misled the American public about the reasons for war in Iraq- but he says that more people have come around to his view. While I'm thinking about it, what does it take to make a film and it be classified as a documentary?

About a month ago, I read a book entitled "Michael Moore- Big, Fat, Stupid White Man", in which, the book discussed or critiques all of the "doctored" scenes from the D- film. I find it ironic that he is so worried about Bush "misleading" our society, yet he comes out with a film that is obviously cut and paste. I mean, when a person is giving a speech and his tie color changes 4 times in the same "speech", you know something is up. However, Moore targets the uneducated members of our society. The ones who assume that Moore is telling the truth because the problem with our society, is that individuals want to be lied to. The information is in a film, therefore, it must be true.

The picture for this individual post sums up exactly how I and many others feel about Moore. He takes away from our society more than what he gives back. At a time when we need as much support as possible for our Country, he wants to lie to viewers to influence their opinions about this Nation.

Yes, Very Dirty... I had to add this with the comments we've already received. Perhaps this is a "Right" Guard commercial?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

X + Y= S-E-X

One question many parents at one time or another are dealt is, "Where do babies come from?" This can be a very awkward situation to be in when trying to find the appropriate reply to this question. However, a Cambridge, Massachusetts grandmother, Robie Harris, has made this easier for parents in the future. She has written a children's book with EXTREMELY detailed drawings titled "It's Not the Stork!”

The book is geared towards primarily four to eight year olds who are curious about Dad's snake and Mom's bush and why they have seen Dad's snake in Mom's bush. Regardless, the book has detailed pictures describing body parts of a female and that of a male.

Harris feels that "when we answer our kid’s questions in an honest, straightforward way, just give them the facts, they feel respected, they feel honored, and if we don't answer them, then we are saying that something is wrong with your question." If that is not a Liberal response I have never heard one. Do not get me wrong, she is partially correct in her statement, but when dealing with these questions, the "facts" should be given in an age appropriate manner.

What is the mentality of a person such as Harris? Of course this report parallels what Liberals advocate in public schools throughout the United States. That being, you're going to have sex, we cannot prevent it from happening, so we are going to give you free condoms..."would you like ultra-ribbed or pure pleasure with your pamphlet?"

I remember the days when sex talks in school were taboo but now we have entered into a realm of society that wants to bring sex into every aspect of life. Society is teaching our leaders of tomorrow that to be cool, you've got to be "hitting" it and I'm not talking about weed.

I think it is a shame that the public schools have taken it upon themselves to teach kids whatever curriculum they want in this day and age. There have been cases reported that parents have little to no-say in what their children are exposed to while being educated.

This book is the third written by Harris and this is her latest version to Karma Sutra for children.