Saturday, July 15, 2006

Uproar from Southeast Missouri Writer

In the United States we have many freedoms. One is the Right to Free Speech which from blogs, newspapers, speak-out columns, etc., this right is taken advantage of all the time. We have people from all different Political parties that participate and want their opinion to be heard, no matter how wrong or how right they may be.

My blog today deals with a small city (population of 35,000) that has a blog going from their website. My disgust starts with one of their writers, Mike Mitchell, who basically supplies sports information and blog topics. Unfortunately, one of his topics related to sports became political, and he outlashed at me for my political views. His statement was that people want to talk about sports and leave political views out of it. With this day and age, separating sports and politics cannot be done.

Liberals have made it were everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, receives trophies, in Little League games, the score is not kept because there should be no Losers. Only Winners. What is happening to America, what are we teaching our children, our neighbor's children? Mediocricy is o.k.? Unfortunately in life, their are winners and there are losers, and no matter what this is how it will always be. Survival of the fittest is the name of the game in life and should be in sports.

If you agree with me, I urge you to visit the sports blogs at and voice your political views pertaining to sports and give 'em hell.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Democrats finally pull the most disrespectful, slap in your face commercial

The first true blog deals with the damn democrats and their most recent ad that was shown on the Internet completely taking the respect of the fallen soldiers and trudding their honor through mud. The following link will take you to the story which you can read, I will also try to get the link for the Internet Ad for your viewing displeasure. If you have a pulse, you SHOULD be offended.

Unfortunately the video has already been pulled and substituted for a minimum wage commercial. Go figure, that is going from one extreme to the other.

What are the Democrats/Liberals thinking in this ad is the question? I have a hard time fathoming the concept that there are AMERICANS who actually hate America? They hate George W. Bush and anything and everything that we the Republican Party stand for. However, these people who put this shit on the Internet are scumbags. However, when I saw the video there was Nancy Pelosi, surprise, surprise...Libs- do we agree she's a fucking cold-hearted bitch?

However, I, I know that I know... the commercial was extremely low and devilish for the Democrats. The freedom we have is due to our Military. They would rather sacrifice the Honor, the Courage, the Dedication of these soldiers so they can have 30-60 seconds in order to spread the word of what they are for. How despicable? That is pretty low standards and pretty piss-poor politics if you ask me.

Well, you have the article, you have the Internet, do some searches, I want to hear what you the viewers have to say. Like I said earlier, I do not expect everyone to agree, but if you dare to disagree, prepare to be humilated.


Here it is on a Friday night and instead of being out and about, I am at home getting this blog prepared. You ask why? That's a great question but the answer is in the fact that I cannot stand the Liberal society of the US.

For too long our society has been dominated by the Liberal media and it is time for it to end. I keep hoping that our family members, our friends, our neighbors, will all wake up and realize that what you see on CNN, NBC, CBS and MSNBC is what "they" (the Libs) want you to see. IT IS NOT THE TRUTH. Some friends and I have been participating in blogs on the 'Net and we have decided to take it a step further. Who knows, this blog might start out as something small but could lead into some big things. Big things meaning changing the way those mentioned earlier view the world.

As for Liberals, I am tired of listening to your same old tiresome tirades about Bush, Cheney, Oil, War in Iraq, did I mention Bush? IF you are a LIB, a tree hugger, a Green Peacer, whatever, you state your views on this site and chances are...your views will be ripped apart. You will be humilated, the writers/designers of this site do not take responsibility for suicidal feelings due to the low self esteem and pride you will experience. However, we do take responsibility for helping others see "the way" to the Conservative side.

*Anyone reading this, realize that the previous paragraph is 1/2 truth and 1/2 joke. We do not honestly expect Liberals to have suicidal thoughts, but we do expect for them to have low self esteem and little-to-no pride after we respond.

If you have a comment about a blog, a comment for a comment, let us know...we will post all comments for viewing pleasure, however, it is mandatory that comments DO NOT POSE A REAL LIFE THREAT. Calling an individual an idiot is fine, if they are. If you call them an idiot you better be able to back it up. We want facts, all truth...leave feelings and beliefs for other blogging sites. If you have any questions just let us know.