Friday, August 18, 2006

Chocolate City brought to you by Nestle Quik!

Today, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin blamed racism and government bureaucracy for delaying the city's ability to recover from Hurricane Katrina which occurred a year ago 29 August.

Nagin commented that if this would have happened anywhere else, the response would have been different. According to pre-Katrina statistics, New Orleans' population was 460,000 comprised of 60% black. Currently the city's population is around 250,000 and has been there for sometime. Earlier this year, Nagin called on fellow blacks to return New Orleans to a "chocolate" city. What would happen if someone, say in Metropolis, Illinois (Home of Superman) would say, "help us turn this into a vanilla city!" The ACLU would be showing up with some major Kryptonite.

Unfortunately it seems that people are too quick to play the race card in this day and age as well as becoming more and more sue happy. Nagin, like other Democrats, relish on playing the emotions of the uneducated and uninformed. What happened to the days when people took accountability for their actions and instead of blaming others, tried to do for themselves?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Baby Hit It 1 MORE Time...

Britney Spears and hubby, Kevin Federline, are expecting baby # 2 just eleven months after Sean Preston was born. In an interview, Spears (8 months pregnant) said, "It just kind of happened...I'm going to wait a while for the next (one)!" Someone please explain the birds and bees to Britney, obviously babies do not "just kind of happen".

Spears has had huge popularity as a "pop" singer and has become more famously known for her parenting skills or should I say lack thereof. She expressed concerns of having babies so close together and that the entire pregnancy has been stressful.

What would the Liberal Media's response be if the couple had decided to abort the baby? Would the media outlets continue on the Liberal way and support this abortion or would they attack Spears and Federline based on artices written concerning the couple of not being the best of parents? Hmmmm.....??

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Damn Technology...

Cynthia McKinney has made her 1st public appearance since losing her primary race last week. Shortly after the defeat, McKinney blamed the loss on the media and problems with electronic voting machines. That was last week.

Today- McKinney was quoted as saying, “…the Black community needs to oppose electronic voting machines…which are designed to steal elections.” She later said that she considered herself a “black political paramedic” and “black body politic is near comatose”.

Yet another case of a Liberal being unable to take accountability for their actions and here’s a question. If McKinney is a “black political paramedic”, was she trying to resuscitate the Capitol Hill Officer she punched? I didn’t think so.

Another example of the Democrat Party whining and crying when they lose, always someone else’s fault, though I wonder if any Liberal out there in Bloggerland is actually willing to go to bat for McKinney on this one?

You Go Joe!!

According to reports from Yahoo! News, Senator Joe Lieberman will be able to fund his re-election bid for his Senate seat come November. Lieberman will be able to rely heavily upon those contributors who helped him raise money in 2003-2004, but most importantly, since deciding to run “Independent” he is gaining support from Connecticut Republicans. From the article, many Republicans do not feel the candidates for the Republican Party are as strong as Lieberman and they are willing to cast their vote for “Good Ole Joe”!

Looking at Ned Lamont, who seems to be very extreme in his views, could it be advantageous for Lamont to win come November? Look at how it would favor the GOP, having Lamont in the Senate during the 2008 presidential campaign so that Republicans could say to voters, “Look at what we’re running against.”

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Liberals are like a pretzel...very twisted.

The blog topic today is something that I have been thinking about for a couple of weeks now and I have decided to put my thoughts viewable to you, the reader. I am trying to understand the thought process of Liberals.

By examining this, this leads an individual to believe that Liberals are truly twisted in their way of thinking. I remember a time when telling ½ the truth was considered a lie, that is, until Democrats began using this tactic in Politics. This brings me to the Liberal Media, and how can someone listen to this bile and actually believe what they hear?

Flipping through the channels, stopping on CNN, MSNBC, I wonder what happened to being a proud citizen of the United States? A friend of mine was telling me that when he was growing up in Maine, it was common to walk into a store and see a picture of the President of the United States. What happened with that thought? Perhaps Clinton’s antics and scandals stripped Americans of this pride?

On Saturday I had a conversation (if you can consider it that) with a Liberal and I kept noticing that the gentleman kept on referring to how he “felt” and what he “thought”. As a Conservative, I do my best to give facts when proving a point. What I learned from the conversation with the Lib is that when given facts, and they have nothing else to go by, they will retaliate with character assassinations. They would rather demean the credentials of the individual with fallacies in hopes of avoiding giving answers. By the way, Billy…yes, Jesus rode a Donkey but NO, he was not a LIBERAL. Remember, Jesus feeding 5,000 was not a charity but was a Miracle.

Last, I wonder how anyone would want to be dependent upon somebody else. I believe we have to be individuals and I do not believe we need big Government control. Liberals however rely upon leeches sucking the Government for all they can get, because these are the ones who cast their vote for the Democrat/Liberal Party. Remember, Jesus made men into fishermen, not Welfare Recipients.

If you have a problem with Liberals like I do, here is your chance to vent.