Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sir Governor Charles?

Charles Barkley, former NBA basketball star, has decided to run for the Governor of Alabama in the year 2010 on the Democratic ticket. Barkley who is from Leeds, Alabama feels that he "was put on Earth to do more than play basketball and stockpile money, I really want to help people improve their lives, and what's left is for me to decide how best to do that."

Barkley has been talking about this political move since the mid-1990's when he was playing for the Phoenix Suns. For the majority of the time, Barkley had been announcing his Republican standpoint, but has recently decided to switch over to the Democratic side. This raises an eyebrow to the switch. Alabama Governor Bob Riley has done an amazing job in the eyes of many Alabamians and this could result in Barkley not having a chance as the main Republican candidate could be that of Luther Strange who has been endorsed by Riley according to the Huntsville Times (7/25/06). Thus, the switch to the Democratic side where chances are he would be a "slam dunk" compared to the other Democrats who are considered to be front-runners for the Democratic party.

According to an Auburn University political science professor, Jim Seroka, "He doesn't have any of the bases necessary to run a statewide campaign." Maybe Barkley does not realize he is "shooting" for a position that has had more of its' fair share of scandals in the past.

If you are unaware of the state of Alabama, two of the last four people elected to the office have been served with criminal convictions. Most recently, former Governor Don Siegelman was convicted of government corruption while Guy Hunt was forced to step down in 1993 when he was convicted of an ethics violation. Benji Bulter, a student at the University of Alabama-Huntsville was quoted as saying, "If he [Barkley] is elected, moving to Georgia might be a better alternative than being Governed by a man who couldn't win a Championship in the NBA."

Friday, July 28, 2006


Mel Gibson was arrested this morning in Malibu, California for suspicion of DUI. Yes, Driving under the Influence. Bail for Gibson was set at $5,000, in which he was arrested at 2:36AM, booked by 4:06AM and released at 9:45AM.

Here is the will this affect the media's image of Mel Gibson? I mean, this is a member of Hollywood, however, he is not a member of the "Hollywood Left". He is one of the few actors/actresses who have taken the side of George W. Bush. If you remember, Gibson also came out with the emotional "Passion of the Christ". In the movie, if I am not mistaken, Gibson spent $25,000,000 of HIS own money for the film. Of course it was a huge hit at the box office drawing rave reviews from all movie critics alike.

I am curious to see how the media responds to this, to see if they begin "bashing" Gibson not for what he did but more so for his political beliefs in supporting the Bush Administration. While writing this though, the question comes to mind...did Gibson support the Bush administration in order to obtain more viewers of his movie? It makes sense in a way...the majority of Christians support Bush, he proclaims his admiration and he has a connection with any and all Christians supporting our Commander-in-Chief. If you remember, his movie cameout AFTER he announced his support of Bush.

Dubya...Won't you be my NEIGHBOR?

Cindy Sheehan is back in the news...again. She recently purchased 5 acres of land in Crawford, Texas so she could be closer to President Bush. What is upsetting is that she bought this land with some of the insurance money she had received after her son, Casey, was killed in Iraq.

According to the "Gold Star Families for Peace" website, the group (who is led by Sheehan) will be going back to Crawford to protest the war in Iraq. Her intentions are to finally be able to meet with the President, in which she was unsuccessful a year ago.

According to a newsletter, Sheehan wrote, "We decided to buy property in Crawford to use until George's resignation or impeachment, which we all hope is soon for the sake of the world". Also in the newsletter she stated that she did not think there was a better way to use her son's insurance money than for peace.

If he were still a live, I am pretty positive that he would be embarassed. She has taken the Honor he had when he lost his life and has sacrificed it so she can be a Puppet for the Liberal media. She has not been able to realize that she has become a "Pawn" for the Liberal media to voice their outrage with Bush and his administration.

Sheehan is obviously a Liberal nutcase who has had her fifteen minutes of fame and is trying to get more. It all goes back to being envious and that Democrats hit on this human nature. Originally when her son died, I could understand her intentions to a certain point. However, going on 2 years since that fatal have to begin to wonder how much this is about Cindy Sheehan and not a fallen soldier. She has become a fixture on the Liberal media news that it comes to a point were people just mute the television because it is the same ole, same ole.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Guilty by Reason of Insanity...

Today in Houston, TX, Andrea Yates was found Not Guilty by Reason of insanity but I agree with one of the jurors, the reading should have been as the title suggest: "Guilty by Reason of Insanity".

With the verdict being in her favor, she will be committed to a state mental hospital which will have periodic hearings before a judge to determine if she should be released. Possible thinking by political figures is that she will be able to go back to being "sane". My question is this, if she goes back to "sane", realizes what she did when she drowned her 5 children (ages 6 months-7 years old), what will happen if she becomes "insane" again?

For Yates, this was the second trial for her in which jury members elaborated for a total of 11 hours on Monday and Tuesday before determining that Yates is legally insane. According to the article on, "Yates' attorneys said she suffered from severe postpartum psychosis and, in a delusional state, thought Satan was inside her and she was trying to save the children from hell."

My Wife and I, we have a little girl and my Wife, just like many mothers are affected by Postpartum depression. HOWEVER, they have medicine or happy pills for these individuals. I have read no where that Yates had a prescription for this medication. If she had no medication that is by choice, therefore you cannot claim she was insane because at any point in time she could have began taking the medicine. The problem is in the fact many do not "think" or "feel" that they have a problem. I know someone will confirm or deny my story with an actual article, but if I am right...then being determined "Legally Insane" should have never been an option. Also, I read months ago that she did not begin acting insane until after the 1st trial verdict. Makes you think that maybe her lawyers said, "Hey...Andrea...act like a KOOK and we can get you off for insanity. You'll be in a mental hospital for X months, you return back to your "normal self" and boom, you and Mr. Yates live happily ever after".

I look forward to your comments and responses, I believe whole heartedly this will be a HOT TOPIC.

MO can't get off the ground...

TV "star" Mo'Nique was kicked off a United Airlines flight on Sunday following a disagreement with a flight attendant and is now trying to play the "RACE" card.

In the article from, Mo says, "I felt like I was being treated like an animal, This happens to black people all the time, and they don't have a voice. I have a voice."

Now that's kind of funny, I could have sworn people of Middle East descent have been saying the same thing only about their race.

There are conflicting statements from the article such as a Flight Attendant telling Mo, "Tell your people that the next time they have an attitude, they are being thrown off...Since 9/11, we don't play around". Then there is the "officer" who was black and on her side, proclaiming, "You can't do this to her".

According to a spokesperson for United, "There was a confrontation involving a customer that caused the flight to be delayed. When a situation occurs on a flight that causes a delay, or disruption, we must act in the best interest of all of our customers".

Mo ended her comments with this quote, "I won't [fly United again], and I hope no other black person will fly them either."

I wonder how long it will be until the ACLU steps in to take her side in this situation. The reason for the confrontation was because the airline was confiscating her hair dryer, apparently Little Debbie snack cakes were stuffed inside. <----Liberals, that was just a joke.

I think it is sad that people try and play the race card in this day and age. With all due respect, I am not racist, but this is how I see it. One job, 2 men. One Black. One White. Black guy goes to the interview with shorts hanging 5 inches below his belly button, hat on backwards, speaking ebonics. White guy goes to the interview in proper attire, speaks with proper English, gets the job. Black guy blames it on his color of skin, blames it on race, blames it on everything other than himself. However, if he would have bought clothes that fit and were appropriate, paid a little more attention in school, he might have gotten that job.

The Race card will always be there and sadly but true it is used as an excuse. An excuse as to why Jerome didn't get that job, flunked out of 10th grade, got busted for drugs, living on the street. The race card is normally only played by black people, I've never heard of a Caucasian complaining about race being in an issue.

Anyway folks, this is a very touchy subject, I want your opinions on it...just want to get a feel for the readers we have...if I come across in a negative manner in any way, please let me know and see if I can rectify the situation.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Voting with the Addicts

I have just read another story about Democrats and their low morale values. Wondering what I am talking about? Josh Rales, Democratic candidate for Maryland's U.S. Senate seat, recently paid a Baltimore Drug Rehab center to transport its recovering addicts to a debate in College Park.

These addicts, totaling about 20 patients, were seen holding signs supporting Rales' campaign. Now according to the article, some of the patients have criminal records, including felony convictions which means they cannot vote...legally.

My question is what is this Democratic FOOL thinking? Trying to buy "extras" to make his campaign look full of supporters? Trying to make people think this guy is popular so others will want to jump on the bandwagon? Who knows, but it reminds me of Al Gore supporters in the 2000 election giving packs of cigarettes away in exchange for votes. This is just another story of how low the Democratic party will go to try and boost their image, to gain votes, etc.

Somebody help me out, which Democratic candidate for President was it that bought Beer & Pizza for College students in hopes of gaining votes?

How pathetic.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Democrats want to talk about Religion

Democrats have realized that they must break the perception that "faith cannot be discussed", according to a news article that just came out on Yahoo! News. So let the merry-go-round begin as Moderate Democrats strive to put Religion back in their topics in anticipation of gaining votes for the upcoming election as well as the Presidential Election in 2008.

How much do you think this is going to piss off Liberals who are strongly in favor of separation between church and state? The Democratic party has been having problems for a while now with feuding amongst themselves, but could this be the straw that broke the Donkey's back?

The moderates believe that by speaking about Religion, it will help the Democratic party connect with churchgoing Americans, "who polls show are more apt to vote with the GOP".

This will be a change for Democrats as in the past they have had to be careful on topics such as faith and values, "perhaps to avoid alienating secular voters and irritating party activists who champion the separation of church and state".

What is funny though is that President Bush has been made fun of for so many things, but he is one of the most devout Presidents of Jesus Christ this nation has ever had. What is humorous is that Democrats have taken notice to this and it seems to me, it is truly follow the Leader. Besides, Republicans seem to be able to talk about faith and we all know how it worked for John Kerry, "who appeared uncomfortable talking about his Roman Catholic affiliation" during the 2004 election.

Anyway, this is funny how Democrats are now having to back pedal as they realize that they could potentially be in trouble for future elections. God it feels GREAT to be a Conservative.