Thursday, October 12, 2006

When the lights go out...

This is an interesting situation brewing with North Korea and their decision to test nukes. In fact on Thursday, Russia and China have decided to oppose tough sanctions that the United States wanted to impose against North Korea. The reason being they (Russia and China) wanted extra time to work out a more moderate response to Pyongyang’s nuclear test stemming from October 8th.

China is against authorizing punishment such as economic sanctions, naval blockades, and military actions, and with Russia, wants to see sanctions focused mainly on the nuclear and weapons programs of North Korea. This sounds like something out of the entire ‘Let’s leave them alone so they’ll leave us alone” playbook.

Doing nothing will not solve the problem at hand. Using force, or in this case tough sanctions, can and will shut down the operatives of North Korea. The picture above is of North Korea at night and you can see the electricity being used. As one article title stated, “North Korea may have the bomb, but not the Electricity.”

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

IN MEMORY OF # 30...

Being a former College baseball player and an avid fan of the Major Leagues, I would like to give heart-felt condolences to the Cory Lidle family as well as the families affected by today's tragic plane crash in New York City which killed Lidle and another passenger.

This is a testament of how lucky we are to have life and how fast it can be taken away from us. Hell, on Sunday I was watching Lidle on ESPN give an interview about what went wrong with the New York Yankees season. Who would have thought that three days later he would no longer be with us, to amaze us with his arm, or most importantly to amaze us as a husband to his wife and a father to his six year old son. Mr. Lidle, you may be gone but you will never be forgotten.


Story here

Monday, October 09, 2006

Mull this question over...

Why are the very same Liberals and Democrats who thought the Boy Scouts should allow Gays to be Scout Leaders, are now upset that Foley was in charge of Pages in Congress?

Either it is ok or it's not, which one is it?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

'Spin Writing 101' taught to you by AP writers...

I am seeing more and more stories presented by the media with increasing demands to sway the public opinion just weeks before the upcoming election. The article I am referencing to can be linked here and the target is, in my opinion, an attempt by this writer (Liz Sidoti) to persuade Republican moms to switch their vote from the GOP to the Democratic Party. The feeling being that, "Everyone else is doing it, why not you?"

The mothers that Sidoti targeted were definitely misinformed to say the least as they were simply taking Liberal talking points and bringing them forth. There was mention of the economy tanking (which is not true), people not having money (I know plenty of people who have money because they spend wisely or should I say save wisely), problems with Hurricane Katrina (first starts with the local Government- Shame on Ray Nagin), problems with terrorism continuing on (terrorism will always be a way of life as we know it ever since 9/11). I am not trying to write poorly of these women but they, just like Jane Fonda, do not speak for the majority of women throughout the United States. If Sidoti would have tried harder I am sure she would not have been hardpressed to find women who remain behind the Republican Party.

One other thing about the article, Sidoti mentions the Democrats being able to win back control of the House and the Senate, but they fail to remember that they must maintain the seats they already have. Do I believe the Democratic Party will take back control, nope.