Thursday, August 24, 2006

Enjoy being an Expectant Mother for up to 72 hours...

It was announced out of Washington that females, over the age of 18 years old, may buy the morning-after pill known as Plan B. But there’s a catch, the individual must show proof they are of legal age. For those individuals seventeen and under, they will need a doctor’s note to buy the pills.

Plan B is a concentrated dose of the exact drug found in many regular birth-controlled pills, allowing a woman to ingest the pill within 72 hours of having unprotected sex. Doing this lowers the risk of pregnancy by up to 89 percent.

Once again going back to accountability, why is stepping up and holding one accountable for their actions so hard to do? Instead, the FDA might as well be broadcasting, “Have Sex…Enjoy it…Wait 3 days…No worries…We’ll Kill the baby for you.”

Sounds simple enough, right? But guess what…the pills have no effect if a woman is already pregnant. So now, we’re going to have women popping Plan B’s like they’re tic-tacs and I have to wonder what the effect will be not only on the Mother, but the baby inside. Remember, Sperm meets Egg, Egg Fertilizes, and baby is produced. Plan B scores an “F” if the woman is already knocked up.

This is a horrible decision because this is going to lead females to a feeling that is a false sense of security, especially since it is known to be not as effective as regular birth control. Then, you’ve got to think about the predators that will potentially rape minor females and force the pill upon the victim.

I hope this topic riles you up as much as it does me. By the way, free condoms will be distributed out this Friday at my niece’s 5th Grade Show-and-Tell. Slogan on poster, “If you don’t wear the GLOVE, you don’t get any LOVE”. Hello, why not change the slogan of Public schools to, “XYZ High School- Where OUR Students Study in SPURTS!”

White man, Black man, Asian and a Hispanic...tell me if you've heard this one before?

This post is in regards to one of the comments pertaining to voting and T.V. shows such as 'Survivor'. I find it ironic that the show was brought up and then lo and behold, this morning I open my Internet browser (Firefox) to Yahoo! News and I read about Survivor dividing the 4 tribes in accordance to Ethnicity for the upcoming season.

Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics. Now if this is not a shock, I do not know what is. Think about last year, dividing the tribes based on Men Vs Women/ Young Vs Old and there was an outcry of discrimination then.

What is going to happen when this season begins? As I write this now, I glanced over headlines on Drudge Report and one of the captions stated, "NYC Officials call for Survivor to be pulled". I, probably just like you, realize that the "D" word is going to be thrown all around this fall as tribes compete on a daily basis, but there can be only one Survivor. In case you're wondering, the "D" is discrimination. I wonder which group will be the first to yell the "R" word (no, not Recount)? I'm sure the ACLU is honing their skills because I am sure there will be lawsuits out the wahzoo.

My question for you, the reader, is- Do you think it is a good idea for Survivor to divide the tribes based on ethnicity and what are the repercussions that will come of this?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Make this one count.

Reading the news today, I found many topics pertaining to the upcoming Election and on my drive home it seemed like I went past every advertisement for candidates on the local November ballot. This made me think about elections in general and how as an American society we have low voter turnout. For instance, look at the Connecticut primary which had a whopping 15% turnout. Unbelieveable!

I have to wonder how many people who complain about this Party's platform or that Party's platform are guilty of being one of those who choose not to vote, ignoring the polls all together? My way of thinking is this- If you do not exercise your right to Vote, do not exercise your right to Bitch. Plain and simple.

With that said...We have been receiving a huge number of participants with this blog and I wanted to take the time to give everyone a chance to participate with this particular blog topic. My question for you is this, why does our society have such a low turnout when it comes to Local, State and National Elections? Liberal, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, whatever...voice your opinion now.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Pissing on the wrong Bush...

Limestone County, Alabama- A decision has been announced concerning a teacher's career in the Northern Alabama county. Steve White, a Junior High Science teacher, will not be reinstated at West Limestone Middle School. The verdict was decided by Judge Joe Battle and was equipped with a 36 page review of the case.

For those unaware of the situation, White had shown a derogatory e-video bashing President George W. Bush to one of his 8th grade classes, in which one of the students complained leading to a more detailed investigation. Also, school officials found pornography on the teacher's classroom desktop which White accused students of downloading the pornographic material. However, reports surfaced that White allegedly showed this adult material to some of his classes.

People wonder what is wrong with our society, and it is because of Educators like White. He bashes Bush, looks at porn on his school computer and it gets better folks. He has dreams of running on the November Democratic ticket for the State House District 4 seat. The Alabama Democratic Party said Monday afternoon that he had not withdrawn from the race as it had requested.

It's getting HOT in here...

A Danish Study determined Greenland's Glaciers have been shrinking for the last 100 years. The research suggests the ice melting is not part of the recent global warming hype the Democrats have suggested. Al Gore-keep on flying your jet; Senator Obama- keep on driving your SUV to and from your conferences about the effects of Global Warming.

The study was conducted by Researchers from Aahrus University with the sole focus upon 247 of 350 glaciers of Disko Island. This study began at the end of the 19th Century and recently finished with the following information:

-70% of glaciers have been shrinking since the 1880’s
-Largest Reduction in the size of Glaciers occurred from 1964 to 1985
-Any temperature increase normally takes 10-20 years to be present in research
(More information will be released later on Monday)

Now, who wants to bet that this story does not make a huge splash in the news? Why you ask? Because this disproves what the Democrats like Obama and Gore have been preaching to the American Society for years now. The Liberal media would not want to report information discrediting the DNC and their platforms. Instead we will hear how the War on Terrorism is wrong, how we need to cut-and-run, how ineffective the Bush administration has become, etc. It will not be very long until the Democrats have a rebuttal to this research, in fact, I’m sure Al Gore is probably doing his own research of his own as you read this.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I scratch your back...You scratch mine?

The city of St. Peters, Missouri announced Friday on the arrest of their Mayor, Shawn Brown, on charges of soliciting and accepting $2,750 in bribe money from a company wanting to install red light cameras in St. Peters.

According to the federal indictment, “Brown, 34, told an employee of Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. he would veto a measure approving the purchase of Redflex’s cameras unless the company paid him off.

On the 16th of June, legislation was approved in the purchase of Redflex’s digital red light and speeding enforcement system. According to the indictment, “the following week a Redflex employee stopped by Brown’s house to deliver the $2,750 check.”

Brown was elected as the mayor in 2004, without having prior political experience, winning against a twenty year incumbent. This is just another scenario of high officials in the public eye crumbling with the power they possess. Though this is at the lower level of Government, the temptations obviously have higher stakes and more incentives for politicians to turn to greed. One of the things that plague our society is the rising number of dirty Politicians.