Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Throwing money at the problem...

U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon has announced the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) failed to explain the cancellation of housing funds for Hurricane Katrina victims. What does this mean? FEMA must keep making payments and must pay victims for two months of housing since the decision to stop the program.

After initially reading this my first thought that came to mind was who appointed Leon and to my surprise it was President Bush. Now, there are many people out there who say that the Government, the Bush Administration, etc. should have done more for these people but come on folks, how long are we honestly going to give these people a hand out?

It has been fifteen months since Hurricane Katrina devastated everyone in America. In some way, shape or form, many Americans were either directly or indirectly affected. For me, I was directly affected by Hurricane Katrina and was a Liaison for FEMA and the American Red Cross.

I saw first hand how this tragedy made needy people into some of the greediest people I have ever seen. There was an overwhelming response to the victims’ needs not only in my area but throughout America. Many of these so-called ‘Victims’ were suddenly living a life much better than what they had before.

Long story short, FEMA kicks everyone off the Hurricane Katrina Welfare system and then we have a U.S. District Judge bring them back. That is what is wrong with America, instead of forcing these people to better themselves, we are only throwing more money at the problem. These people will forever feel as if we owe them something, yes it was a tragedy, but it was time to move on months ago. We are not making these people any better or being able to contribute to society when we give them no incentives to better themselves.

I think we should change the National Emblem from the Bald Eagle to the Sow, because it seems like everyone wants to use the Government. Our new slogan, “Grab a tit, hold on and suck.”

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Liberal Media proposes question...'Who Lost Iraq?'...(We lost?!?!).....

I am completely amazed at those in our society who believe the Media is not full of biased opinions. Better yet, I find it hilarious how many bloggers tend to believe the notion that the Media is more Conservative based than Left-leaning. I can only scratch my head in amazement and truly ponder why God would make some people so damn stupid. Of course though, someone’s got to make Al Gore and John Kerry look smart, why not the Media?

So, I was flipping through the Leftist magazine, “U.S. News & World Report” tonight and found something that I was not aware of. The title was Who Lost Iraq? and to be honest I did not realize we had lost Iraq. When was this announced, or should we be expecting it with Democrats in control of the House and the Senate?

The question is whether or not Democrats will attempt to pull out our troops early, and for once I think we should look to Bill Clinton for guidance. Folks, premature pull-outs are never good, we need to stay the course and as Bill Clinton has done with Monica in the Oval Office, finish the job.

As stated in previous blogs, the Liberal Media, the Democrats, the Liberal Kooks are not worried about winning the War in Iraq, the War on Terrorism, but winning in the War on President George W. Bush. If these whacko kooks spent as much time and energy on Iraq and Terrorism as they spend on bringing down Bush, we would have one super strong nation that would take no shit from anyone. Not even the Muslims.

The article mentioned earlier is yet another attempt to paint a picture by the Media to continuously discredit the Bush Administration. They want people to believe we have lost in Iraq. They want people to believe it is George Bush’s fault. They want people to believe it is Dick Cheney’s fault, Donald Rumsfeld’s fault, Condi’s fault, etc.

They want to demoralize the Administration until everyone believes and stands behind the socialistic views being brought forth by the likes of the Democratic Party. Good intentions will not bring us Peace, but hostility as we will become like a stepchild to the rest of the World.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Get a Free Pass- Join the Hollywood Left...

As I was watching T.V. tonight and seemingly becoming dumber with each minute that passed by, I saw a commercial that intrigued me. The commercial starred Ashley Judd and was an ‘Aids Awareness’ promotion speaking how every 15 seconds a person 15-24 years of age dies from an Aids related epidemic.

Every fifteen seconds? That means that someone just died and another one is on their way. These numbers seem a little inflated to me, I mean we are looking at over two million young folks dying per year. Two million doesn’t seem like a lot until you start adding two million here, two million there, then take into consideration that this pace will only pick up and one day we will all be affected by AIDS. Well, maybe not, but if we listen to the ever knowing Ashley Judd we would believe this, simply because she is an actress and she knows what you and I are not smart enough to know. To me, she’s almost like a female version of Michael J. Fox, well, minus the twitch.

Thinking about these numbers, I only wonder why I never hear people such as Ashley Judd or Selma Hayek speaking out against Abortion. Why do you think that is? I know, out of sight, out of mind, they want to have that feel good about themselves but still be able to have their fun without the responsibilities such as an unwanted pregnancy.

So they speak out about Aids, wanting you to give fifteen cents a day so at the end of the day they can still say they are good people because they care. Do they really care? Do I really need to answer that for you?

How about rooting for our side...??

Liberal Media outlet NBC has began referring to the War in Iraq as a civil war and we are seeing the beginning stages of the Liberal Media’s attempt to bring down the Bush Administration. Unfortunately we have many Americans who view the news from these outlets as the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help them God. How could the American public be lied to by the likes of Matt Lauer? Could it be, nah, never?

Setting things straight, the War in Iraq has had a tremendous amount of blood shed as has the other major wars that the United States has been involved in. However, the Liberal Media wants to strike fear in the hearts and minds of Americans to sway the public opinion of our Iraqi policy. This is why I believe that we never hear of any positive events coming out of Iraq.

The Bush Administration is battling the Left’s propaganda attacks here at home, and these Liberal Kooks have one goal in mind. That being complete and total character annihilation of George Bush and the rest of his administration. We are battling more than just Terrorists; we are battling fellow Americans who are so caught up in us versus them, that the real threats (the Terrorists) are only becoming stronger. Terrorists are gaining momentum as our Country is becoming split more and more between the aisles.

Hopefully America wakes up and wakes up soon because if we keep heading in this same direction, America, Life, Freedom, as we know it will become nothing more but a distant memory.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Making it worth the trip...

I have made it back from my trip and though it was a long drive, I was able to pass the time with my iPOD having the last week and a half of Rush Limbaugh's shows downloaded for my listening pleasures. Anyway, on my trip I stopped in the city where Rush was born and raised (Cape Girardeau, Missouri) and was ecstatic when I found the following painting on the Mississippi River Flood wall.