Saturday, September 16, 2006

Proud to be an American...Where at least I know I'm Free...

America: Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”. Not too long ago this statement had significant meaning to our great country that we live in. We took pride in being an American and it left us with that special feeling deep inside the heart. Then our society started changing especially with more and more Liberal kooks coming to the American Spotlight.

Think about it. Liberals think we are too mean to terrorists and we need to treat them with more respect because after all they are human, too. The Jane Fonda’s of our society need to shut the hell up and realize they are part of the problem. Looking back over the last ten to fifteen years the face of the Democratic Party has changed dramatically. There was a point in time the Democratic Party represented the working people, the good ole boys of society, but now more and more people are switching parties to the Republican/Conservative side, the Silent Majority. Why? Simply because of people like Michael Moore, John Kerry, Al Gore, just to name a few. There should really be two Democratic Parties, the true Democrats and then the Liberals. This would cover your socialist, your Hollywood Left and your plain old nut jobs and true Democrats would not have to associate with the others (Liberals) when they (Liberals) speak out against America. Yes, I said speak out against America because it seems that is all Liberals want to do.

I am an extremely proud American and I love the Republican Party and no I do not always agree with them 100% of the time, but I tell you what, I could not convert to a Liberal way of thinking even if my life depending upon it. I’ve had people denounce OUR President Bush to my face and I think it is sad that this is a portion of the mentality of our citizens, our neighbors, our friends, our families. All I have to say is if you do not like the way America is run, go to another country and then maybe, just maybe, you might realize how Great it truly is to be a Proud American Citizen.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Quote of the day...

"I'm prepared to kick their ass from one end of America to the other."

-John Kerry


Sorry about that folks, see I talk with my hands and when I read John Kerry's quote, about his determination to run for the Presidency of 2008, I could not stop laughing hysterically.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Everytime I hear twenty-one guns...

This blog is dedicated to all the soldiers who have fallen defending our Country’s honor and most importantly the freedom that we have as citizens of the United States. When our men and women join the different branches of our military they take an oath to come to our duty when needed. Unfortunately we have had over 2,500 soldiers killed during the war in Iraq and the Bush administration along with the GOP is coming under scrutiny from the Democratic Party for these deaths. However when a soldier is brought home for that final time, one would think it would be a time to show proper respect for the fallen brother or sister whether you agree or disagree with our efforts in Iraq.

Unfortunately not all Americans feel that way. In particular I am talking about Fred Phelps and the ‘Westboro Baptist Church’ gang. In case you are unfamiliar with who I am talking about this group has began picketing the funerals of U.S. soldiers who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan as a way of demonstrating rage directed toward a government that they believe is tolerant of homosexuality. The group has employed the same tactics against the gay community of nationwide events.

A Conservative-Majority reader sent me an informative e-mail about Phelps and his gang attending a funeral in Jackson, Missouri of fallen soldier, Army Cpl. Jeremy R. Shank (18 years old), on the 17th of September, 2006. If you live in the area (Southeast Missouri) I urge you to attend the funeral to pay your respects for an individual who gave his life for you and me. Remember, while you’re sleeping tonight in your cozy bed, our men and women will be protecting our freedom.

*This is for the funeral of Army Cpl. Jeremy R. Shank.
09/17/2006 1:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Jackson, MO
First Baptist Church of Jackson
212 S. High St.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Democrats doing the politicizing...

Yesterday was the five year anniversary for the tragic events of September 11th that changed many people’s lives forever. I, like many others, spent Sunday and Monday night watching the ABC special, “Path to 9/11” and no this blog is not directed toward the real-life failures of the Clinton Administration, but instead is focusing upon the reaction given by the Democrats pertaining to President Bush’s speech at 8:00 pm CST last night.

In case you are unaware of last night’s speech, top Democrat Party members feel the president used the national address commemorating 9/11 to make partisan arguments bolstering support for the Iraq war. Nancy Pelosi, who has been mentioned on Conservative-Majority, stated “Rather than try to defend their own failed record, Republicans have resorted to the desperation politics of fear…”

Then there is also Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV, who feels “the president spoke for his administration, not for the nation…this was a political move, designed to tap the overwhelming public sentiment to destroy al-Qaeda as a way to bolster sagging public support for the war in Iraq.”

I find it amusing that the Democrats actually believe or maybe expect that they will be able to force President Bush off his positioning with the war in Iraq and Terrorism. How do the Democrats think they will be able to handle this better than the GOP, do they actually think they can be diplomatic, negotiate or reason with these Islamic Fascists?

Let’s be honest here, everything the Democrats are accusing the Republican Party of is exactly what they (Democrats) are guilty of doing themselves. Democrats are the ones politicizing the issues, for instances, look at gasoline. The decrease at the pumps according to Democrats is, “obviously a tactic before elections by the Republican Party”. They accuse President Bush of politicizing last night’s address, right before the elections, but if memory serves me right (no pun intended), 9/11 happened months before the typical election season due to Terrorist members of al-Qaeda, not of the GOP.