Saturday, October 21, 2006

Campaigning time...

We have recently been contacted from several Republican candidates (from Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee, and Louisiana) about Conservative-Majority linking to their site. As we get the addresses in, we will be able to provide a sidebar link to their sites. Feel free to contact your representatives and get us their information for the upcoming Midterm Elections.

For those readers in Alabama, we would like to introduce you to Judge Kelli Wise, who is running for re-election of Criminal Appeals. Feel free to check out her site and we would like to thank Judge Wise for allowing us the opportunity to help her campaign via the Internet.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


How will the Democrats turn this into a conspiracy?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

In the beginning...Adam & Eve...NOT Adam & Steve...

It has been announced that former Massachusetts Representative Gerry Studds’ partner, Dean Hara, will be ineligible to receive any portion of Studds’ estimated $114,337 annual pension. The two were “married” in 2004 in the state of Massachusetts, however, their marriage is not recognized by the Federal Government.

This has created an outcry by Gay and Lesbian groups claiming Studds’ spouse should be entitled to the same rights of other representatives’ spouses. This would be a great case except for the fact that the other representatives’ spouses are just that, legally their spouse. They have marriages that our recognized by the Federal Government and what Studds had was not recognized. End of story, there should be no debating this but I am sure the ACLU will step in and start suing. When it is all said and done with, this country will have gone farther to hell in a hand basket thanks in large part to the Liberal kooks in our society.

Story here

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"In memory of the victims of September the 11th"...

President Bush signed a law Tuesday authorizing military trials of terrorism suspects and the legislation eliminates some of the rights defendants are normally guaranteed under U.S. law, and it authorizes continued interrogations of terror suspects. If you read the article written by an AP writer (Nedra Pickler), the word 'harsh' is used just before 'interrogations' and I have to disagree with her sentence usage.

The interrogations help keep us safe and if you remember back in June the Supreme Court ruled that trying detainees in military tribunals violated U.S. and International law, so President Bush was able to get Congress to change the law and insisted the law authorize CIA agents the ability to “use tough” methods when interrogating suspected terrorists. Once again, if you would like to get a Liberal point of view, actually read the article, in which Pickler places snide comments throughout the article in a bad attempt to discredit Bush.

To make things even more pathetic other than Liberal AP writers is the fact the ACLU has been quoted as saying it was “one of the worst civil liberties measures ever enacted in American history”, and in case you did not know this, the ACLU actually represents many of the terrorists with provided lawyers. Need I remind the group the ‘A’ stands for American, yet they represent the treatment of individuals who would rather see Americans dead. As Alanis Morisette has said, “Kind of Ironic, don’t ya think?”

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fool me once, shame on you...Fool me twice, shame on me...

John Kerry has announced that he deserves a second chance if he decides to take another crack at becoming President of the United States. Kerry wants to use a basic Democrat principle that being, “Americans give people a second chance. And if you learn something and prove what you’ve learned something, maybe even more so. Now, I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. We’ll make that decision down the road.”

First, that principle seems very familiar, oh yeah because that’s the philosophy Liberals like to use especially when dealing with people sentenced to prison for heinous crimes. If we give them a second chance we can change them, we can feel good about it and they will be a better citizen. Bull Shit.

Second, this is the same person who announced back in mid-September he would “kick their (Republicans) ass from one end of America to the other.” What happened to the cockiness this man possessed just a little over a month ago? I do believe he is starting to realize how unpopular he is and besides, will he ever share with us what his plan was for the Presidency in 2004?

Third thing about this article is the correlation between Ronald Reagan being unsuccessful for the GOP nomination twice and Kerry running again. Let Conservative-Majority make a major newsflash for Mr. Kerry- You’re no Ronald Reagan. Do not compare yourself to one of the greatest Presidents of the United States.

I see stupid people...they don't even know they're stupid...

I turn on the TV and one question comes to mind- What is up with all these polls from CNN to MSNBC about how bad the Republican Party is going to get beat this November and then in 2008? CNN reported that “about half of Americans think Hastert should resign” and again with the Liberal Media I must call Bull Shit. The article painted a picture for the reader that over half of all Americans think that Hastert should resign. Over half, think about that one for a while and then notice they only polled a little over 1,000 people. I’m sorry no one contacted me, what about you?

Reading through the polls on (released Monday, October 9, 2006 at 4pm), I see questions from George W. Bush’s handling as President to which party you would vote for as of today.

To keep this post short and sweet, I will not rant and rave about each and every poll question but one that stood out the most in my mind was a question that should completely discredit and debunk those individuals who were polled. Here is the question:

Next, we’d like to get your overall opinion of some people in the news. As I read each name, please say if you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of these people—or if you have never heard of them. (Rotated)

Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert
Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi
Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid
Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist

36% of those polled had not heard of or had no opinion of Dennis Hastert and Bill Frist meaning that about 370 of those polled did not have a clue about those Republican members they were condemning. It gets better though in that Nancy Pelosi was at 40% of not being heard of or people having no opinion in regards to her. The winner of all of this is Harry Reid who tallied 49% with 36% of that coming from never heard of while 13% was of no opinion.

This proves the old statement true that Democratic candidates represent the stupid people in our society. To think that many of those polled will be voting this November and will be casting votes for people that they have not heard of nor have no opinion of. This is why I believe we (Republican Party) win come November.

Poll Results...

Will the Foley incident affect the voting outcome in November?

Yep- them damn Republicans are immoral. (11.5%)
Nope- Another failed tactic by the Democratic Party. (85%)
I don't think I'll vote in the November Election.

Don't Forget to Vote in the new Poll!!!!!

Spade is a Spade...????

Conservative-Majority would like to thank one of our readers, Angel, for bringing this story to our attention. This particular story focuses upon my former state (Missouri) and a Republican from the Southeast Missouri region.

The individual I am speaking of, House Speaker Rod Jetton, was on a statewide tour with Missouri Governor Matt Blunt and Senate President Pro Tem Michael Gibbons promoting Republican legislative measures as well as candidates for the upcoming November election. Jetton made a comment that sparked anger in the hearts and minds of many Democrats. Our sympathies go out to those offended, whah, whah, whah!

Jetton remarked that, “Democrats don’t have a problem during the day because they don’t have jobs…Republicans work. It’s a little harder for them.”

Now we watch the local Democrats jump on the smear tactic bandwagon and attempt to bring down Jetton for his comments. Jetton’s Democratic opponent in the 156th District Missouri House race, Michael Winder, said, “The statement shows Jetton is out of touch with voters.” We were also blessed to hear from Democratic House leader Jeff Harris, “…shows the utter disdain high-ranking Republicans have for hard-working Missourians. Speaker Jetton obviously believes that people who don’t share his politics are of less value…To the contrary, most hard working Missourians do not have the luxury of taking off work to attend a political rally…”

I love how low the Democratic Party members are willing to go, not just at the National level that we hear about, but even at the local level that will never make big time news. From reading the other quotes from this story it is obvious that those offended are trying to turn this against Jetton and promote themselves as being for the little guy, the hard working individual that Jetton obviously opposes.

Question Mr. Winder- how can you claim to be for the little guy, the hard working individual yet you favor raising taxes significantly which in return will HURT the little guy, the hard working individual?

Folks let’s face it, the House seat has been occupied for Jetton for six years and Winder wants to uproot him. I suggest Winder change his name to Whiner! Maybe he’ll do this come November!