Friday, December 08, 2006

Bush's Policies once again save lives on American Soil...

Well, well, well a Muslim convert who talked about the desire to wage jihad against civilians was charged Friday in a plot to blow up a shopping mall during the Christmas rush with hand grenades. The perpetrator is Derrick Shareef, 22, who is an American citizen from Rockford, Illinois.

Shareef met with an undercover agent to trade a set of stereo speakers for four hand grenades and a gun, but thank God that Bush’s War on Terror has saved innocent American lives here on the fruited plains of American soil.

This is the problem that we have is that the Islamo-Fascists are not only in Iraq but they are here among you, me, your family, my family. It is a shame but it is very true that the United States is becoming more and more unsafe as Muslim sleeper cells are building up throughout this great country.

Eventually these sleeper cells will wake and our lives as we know it will be forever changed. I have to say that I agree with President Bush that we must maintain our focus in Iraq. Yes I realize there is much blood shed occurring on a daily basis but America cannot back down. If we pull our troops out it will only allow the terrorists to become stronger, no longer forcing them to hide in the Middle East.

This will empower those who want to see an end to American civilization and we will then see acts of terrorism spread to the United States. Let’s face it, the Democrats are not nearly tough enough with National Defense as what they should be and this will allow the Islamo-Fascists to walk all over the U.S.

Take a few more Muslims (converted Americans or not) like Derrick Shareef and pretend for a minute their acts would be successful, the American society would be in disarray. Just think if the whacko would have been successful in fulfilling his plot all the fear and terror this would have struck into the hearts and minds of many Americans. People would be afraid to shop for the Christmas season and the Economy would once again slump as it did at the end of the Clinton Presidency.

Five years since 9/11 and we have not had an attack on American soil. This plot foiled is another positive for the Bush Administration and the War on Terror, yet we do not hear nor read about this in the news media. Simply because this would be acknowledging Bush’s policies do work. For the Bush Administration they are really battling two wars. The War in Iraq and the war at home, however, the war at home is with the Liberals who are trying to demonize the character of our President. If only these people spent as much energy towards terrorists as they do in attempting to ruin the man known as ‘Dubya’.


At December 10, 2006 1:20 PM, Blogger Critical_Thinker said...

LOL, Oh yeah, a real "terror plot", that's what it was. Why don't you read this and decide for yourself: terror-plot-in-history.html

At December 10, 2006 1:42 PM, Blogger Diego said...

The sick, twisted bastard's goal was to wage a jihad against innocent people and being honest here, this was a true terrorists attempt.

Don't believe me? Look up the definition of terrorism.


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