Saturday, November 25, 2006

Everyone can breathe now, Dems are in control...

I have spent the last couple of days in Missouri for the Holidays, which speaking of, Happy Holidays Conservative-Majority Readers! Anyway, as I just wrote about my trip to Missouri I have been hearing about how great the economy is doing as another Black Friday has come and gone with the Thanksgiving Holiday.

After hearing how consumer confidence is up and has been up for almost two months now, I have to think back to just a few weeks ago and question why we were not hearing of this robust economy just before the November mid-term elections. Two months ago puts us, the American society, back into September when President George W. Bush was accused by the Liberal Left of politicizing 9/11 and this would be the end of the Republican control in the House and the Senate.

The Liberal Left was right about one thing that being the Democrats would take back control that they have not had for twelve years dating back to 1994. One has to wonder if the reasons the Liberal Left accused the Republican Party of doctoring with the prices of gasoline had everything to do with the fact that they, the Liberal Left, knew the Economy was on the up and up and had to make false derogatory statements against the Bush Administration and the Republican Party to hide the truth of how good this American society was becoming. Giving credit to President Bush would be completely against any and all beliefs held by these kooks. How dare President Bush do something right and if he does, let’s ignore, ignore, ignore.

Next, it seems to me that every time I turn on the ‘Evening News’ we hear how this day, or that day has been the most deadly day in Iraq. How the Bush Administration took us to war under false pretense and now the end is not in sight.

Let’s be honest here, the original goal of going into Iraq was to take down an evil dictator and President Bush was successful. With memory serving me correctly, the Bush Administration had support from the very Liberal Left kooks who are now speaking out against him and the War in Iraq.

Folks, wake up call here, we have had success in taking down Saddam Hussein and for the quacks who say that President Bush celebrated prematurely with his ‘Mission Accomplished’ remember the Mission was accomplished. However, we will never hear of this because once again giving him the overdue kudos he deserves would be against any and all beliefs held by these idiots.

I know, I know, there is someone out there reading this chomping at the bit to say, “Hey, WMD, no WMD, Bush lied, People died…” With that, turn to the Democratic Party primarily the Clinton administration and do some general Yahoo! Searches and one would be amazed at how often Slick Willie’s staff spoke out about how dangerous Hussein was not only to his own people, not only to the United States, but also to the World.

President George W. Bush is not the problem the Liberal Left Kooks are the problem. America, a 12 step program is required and the first step is to admit you have a problem. Admitting this problem can be difficult and challenging as many in our society have become Liberal Puppets to the real problem, Democratic Party leaders.


At November 26, 2006 4:16 PM, Anonymous James H. said...

Where do I start with this right-wing propaganda that you have written about? That seems to be the million dollar question right now and I will bite on your misinformed, ignorant post.

How often do you read the news or follow what is going on? If you stayed up-to-date then you would realize the news has been there since September only your precious idiot (Bush) has been dominating the news with his ever-failing policies in Iraq.

We were not hearing of this prior to the election simply because it is that time of the year and the right-wing mudslinging was going on and this year was getting deeper than year’s past. Heck it started with that same idiot (again) on September 11 when Bush took the events of 9/11 away from the victims and placed the attention on a policy that no repug will ever figure out until we leave Iraq.

As for turning on the “Evening News” I must say that I am proud of you, a ‘Spic who actually has electricity and a television, do you have running water? Face the facts that our soldiers are dying at an alarming rate, kind of makes me want to take out stock in the body bag industry because as long as we are over in Iraq our soldiers will keep on coming back in those body bags.

I, like many others, have an obvious problem with Bush and his neocons because yeah, we got Saddam Hussein, but other than that what have we done? Sure, they now have elections but the violence is still going on after Saddam. I heard a couple of weeks ago and part of me has to agree, maybe the situation in Iraq would be going a little better for the United States and our soldiers, maybe the death toll would be down if Saddam was still in control. Obviously the mission has not been accomplished and will not be accomplished until Bush is impeached.

Bush has our troops trapped simply because he wants to try and do something his own daddy couldn’t do, win in Iraq. It is a shame that our soldiers, our men and women are dying only because that idiot feels the need to defend his daddy’s honor. I hope this is a time of Happy Holidays and I hope our soldiers come home, but not in body bags.


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