Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Have a Great Holiday Weekend!!

Just wanted to write you to let you know that I am stepping away from the computer for a couple of days and should be back in true blogging form on Saturday. I am making a trip to the Great State of Missouri to spend some time with Family. Feel free to participate in any of the blog topics and if you have a Great or Horrible experience this Labor Day, feel free to share it with us. Once again, Have a Great Holiday Weekend and Be Safe.

History Lesson:

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

YOU never know who is listening...

CNN's Kyra Phillips had a major What-wo during President Bush's speech regarding the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I wonder how her relations with her "controlling" sister-in-law will be after this girl's room conversation was aired?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Battle of the Show-Me State...

In Missouri, the Show-Me State, there is a wire-to-wire race between incumbent Senator Jim Talent and State Auditor Claire McCaskill. The winner could determine control of the Senate. I recently received an e-mail from one of our loyal readers, KWilcox, regarding McCaskill and her November Election bid.

I was reading 'U.S. News World & Report' and lo and behold, there was a story about the Missouri Senate race. According to the article, McCaskill is "linking Talent to Bush with Krazy Glue, never missing an opportunity to say something like "The White House ought to just take a room in Missouri, they're here so often helping Jim Talent" as well as "...McCaskill is taking a page from the GOP playbook, campaigning in rural parts of the state."

Here is where KWilcox's e-mail comes into play with this story. What the Liberal magazine did not tell us was the quote McCaskill gave to a Kansas City Buzz blog pertaining to this topic. McCaskill's statement goes like this, "I made a big mistake, we made a big mistake assuming that people in rural Missouri don't care as much about college education tuition, health care, being able to afford a tank of gasoline...Even though Republicans have been the ones talking to them and listening to them for the last 10 years, they fundamentally understand this is not going right, that something is terribly wrong in the direction this country is going in."

Now, how can someone honestly want to give their vote to someone like a Claire McCaskill when she has clearly underestimated the intelligence of the people she wants to represent? Of course though, this is the same woman who is using her mother to gain supporters by having her (mom) go to gas stations throughout the rural areas of Missouri and blame the High Gas Prices on Senator Jim Talent, Governor Matt Blunt, as well as the Bush Administration to others while they are filling their tanks up. The McCaskill's are targetting the uneducated and mis-informed fools in these areas.

Missourians, please "Show Me" the state is smart enough not to elect Claire McCaskill come November.

Awwwww......SHUT UP!

John Kerry (D-Mass.) is back at it again. No it’s not saying, “I’ve got a plan”, but he is again jumpstarting the same allegations he had after the 2004 Election, that Democrats were discriminated against during the election. However, that seems to be the Democrat response as soon as they lose any election. Just look at Kerry in ’04, Gore in 2000 and Cynthia McKinney in this past primary (in Georgia).

According to, “an e-mail will be sent to 100,000 Democratic donors Tuesday asking them to support U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland for Governor of Ohio. The bulk of the e-mail criticizes Strickland’s opponent, GOP Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, for his dual role in 2004 as President Bush’s honorary Ohio campaign co-chairman and the state’s top election official.

The question remains of when Democrats will begin to take Accountability for their actions and stop blaming others for their mishaps and misconduct?

2008- GOP ALL THE WAY!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

1st Female Speaker of the House?? Hopefully NOT!

What will the U.S. be like, if in about 70 days or so, we refer to Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as Ms. Speaker of the House. That's right, just third in line to the seat of the Presidency. If you've listened to Sean Hannity in the past few months you have heard him mention this quite often.

Pelosi has been embraced by Liberal Democrats and in a 1996 interview she said, "I pride myself in being called a liberal" and "I don't consider myself a moderate." However, some Democrats have distanced themselves from her and think Pelosi's leftward tilt, combined with her attacks on Bush, undercuts her ability to be a strong party leader.

What do you think Pelosi's chances of actually winning in November are? And if you think she will win, how do you think she will wreck havoc on President Bush's final two years?

Indiana School ACTUALLY backs Principal's decision...

Interesting story out of Hammond, Indiana where a Principal, at Morton High School, suspended 128 students for violating the school dress policy. The surprising information about this story is that the school board members actually support the Principal.

The students, representing about 10% of the student body, were suspended for wearing baggy pants, low-cut shirts, tank tops and graphic T-shirts, as well as students using cell phones during classes.

This is very surprising, in this day and age, for the school board to actually support an administrator like this. Typically the ACLU would have already been called in throwing their legal mumbo-jumbo, gonna sue ya lingo around. Not the case just yet. Of course though, the ACLU is probably still busy in Shreveport, Louisiana where Black kids were forced to give up seats to White kids. I cannot believe something like this would still happen in 2006.

Hurricane Katrina only impacted city of New Orleans...(sure).

A year has almost passed since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, but unfortunately (in my opinion) as we get closer and closer to the anniversary, we are beginning to hear more and more about the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Why is it that we hear of the people in Ray Nagin's area bitching and complaining about Hurricane Katrina, but we really do not hear anything from Hurricane Katrina victims who were living in Alabama and Mississippi. It's been all about the F'ing City of New Orleans. City of Sin.

Why are these people still feeling sorry for themselves? I was watching MTV and there was a man on there saying, "I ain't been able to get a job I like, and the Government don't want to help none." How ignorant? How about try to help yourself out and better yourself?