Tuesday, December 05, 2006

You've been PUNK'D...

Robert Gates who was chosen to take over for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld pulled a tactic out of the Democratic playbook today and surprise, surprise beat the Democrats at their own game. When questioned by Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) on whether or not the United States was winning in Iraq, Gates promptly replied with a “No sir.”

Now at first I was completely taken back by this until I continued to read the article and soon discovered that it was a great strategy used. Pondering what I am talking about? It is actually very simple, that being Democrats are notorious for telling the American people exactly what people want to hear, but then have no intentions of fulfilling those broken promises. A great example of this is with the past mid-term Election when we heard about impeaching Bush. How Rangel will eliminate the tax breaks put forth by Bush as he sees none of the policies implemented by Bush as being successful. Ah, yes and then there is the quick pullout of our boys in Iraq.

Let’s flash forward to the 5th of December 2006: Pelosi and the Democrats now believe everyone can get along, Rangel is not so sure about reversing the tax breaks that has helped our economy, and now some Democrats think it would be unwise to pullout so quickly of Iraq.

Back to Gates, he answered the Senate Armed Services Committee exactly with the answer they were looking for. In all honesty the Democrats and Liberals are looking for someone who is going to undermine the President and any and all policies that he attempts to implement involving the War in Iraq. If Gates would have answered ‘Yes’ to the question probed by Levin this would have resulted in a different scenario for Gates as well as the Bush Administration.

The Democrats would be uneasy about the man taking the place of Rumsfeld, ‘an architect of the unpopular war’.

Many Democrats want a phased withdrawal of our troops in Iraq, possibly beginning in four to six months, but I find this ‘want’ as just that, something they want. Realistically we, just like Bill Clinton, cannot pullout prematurely.

Where Gates duped the Democrats was that he answered the question that the U.S. is not winning in Iraq, but later on it was mentioned he said that the U.S. was not losing in Iraq either.

Point of the story: The Democrats have been played at their own game.


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