Thursday, November 16, 2006

Will Murtha blame it on Election fraud???...

Big news came out of Washington today when the Democrats picked Rep. Steny Hoyer to be the next House Majority Leader over Rep. John Murtha with a vote of 149-86. Hoyer’s win came just a short time after Democrats made Pelosi the first woman to hold the coveted position of Speaker of the House. For those not knowing of this position, this means that Nancy Pelosi will now be third in line to the Presidency beginning in January when Congress reconvenes.

Pelosi told those in attendance the Democrats need to have unity within the party and then promptly nominated Murtha as the House Majority Leader. Examining this shows the Democrats have already shot down Pelosi’s first call to action as the next Speaker of the House. What kind of message will this send not only to Pelosi but throughout the rest of the Democratic Party?

If Murtha would have won the nomination, there is no doubt an Iraq pre-mature pullout would have been inevitable as he and Pelosi would have teamed together eradicating all the War Policies put forth by the Bush Administration. Devaluating the current White House Administration would not have stopped there though, next would have been other policies such as the Tax Breaks put in place by Bush which has greatly contributed to our society and our economy. Charlie Rangel would have seen his cue and entered into the Political Realm of tearing the Bush Administration apart, one policy after another. The new Democratic slogan would have been, “Eating the Elephant one bite at a time.”

Only time will tell whether the next two years will be successful for the Democratic Party or if they will fall flat on their ‘ass’ (pun intended). As mentioned in a previous post, I do not believe the Democrats truly expected to win based on their platform alone. They were successful in playing upon the thoughts and feelings of the American public and were able to sway the vote and the elections.

Just touching the surface briefly here, one has to wonder if Hillary Rodham-Clinton will delay her Presidential bid from 2008 to 2012. If the delay is pushed back another Presidential term it should be considered how strong Hillary believes her candidacy to be. Meaning if the Democrats get in and are unable to make significant changes to our society, I believe the Silent Majority will speak and speak loudly in the casting of votes come 2008. A Democratic failure would put extra pressure upon Clinton and would thus weaken her socialistic platform she would be campaigning on. The American people want change and demonstrated that strongly with the November Elections. The kind of change does not mean bringing on socialism.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Whacky Wednesday...

So I have been sitting back the last couple of days just taking everything in and reflecting on everything that went wrong with the Republican Party and the November 7th Election.

To be honest I am still in shock that the American public was so ignorant to actually put the Democratic Party in control of both the House and the Senate. What is this great American society that we live in coming to? The next two years, as I've said before, will be the make or break for the Democrats/Liberals. If they are unable to be successful, it will be a quick two and out, however, if they are successful one has to wonder the approaches and Party Platforms they will be using.

It wasn't that long ago, back in the summer actually, that Nancy Pelosi was calling for the Impeachment of President George W. Bush and now she is talking about working things out between Democrats and the White House. It wasn't that long ago that Charlie Rangel was talking about eliminating the tax breaks that President Bush had put forth for our country. Now he is backing off such talks, pondering whether or not the reversal would be beneficial.

What this tells me is that the Democrats did not truly believe they would win come November and now are scared shitless that they actually need to deliver upon the platforms that won them control.

I must say though, I am glad we've got the 'right' group in control, you know the ones that are going to bring this Country peace and harmony because they can be Diplomatic to these savages. All I can say is,"Good luck Democrats, enjoy your two years and be prepared to get the Hell out!